What Is Stopping You From Recruiting Great Talent?

Anthony Haynes writes: This post by Douglas Jackson, which we reblog here, is likely to ruffle a few feathers, since he challenges some conventional practices — which is fine by us. Essentially Jackson’s argument concerns the inadequacy of lazy recruitment. At FJWilson we wholeheartedly endorse the view that good recruitment can’t be done on auto-pilot: recruitment, done well, requires alertness, agility, and a regard for candidate experience. We haven’t met Douglas Jackson but we sense a meeting of minds, at least where this post is concerned.

Douglas Jackson Executive Recruitment Consultants for Customer Strategy, Customer Experience, Customer Insight, Contact Centres, Resource Planning & Customer Services

What is stopping you recruit great talent

In a challenging economy each and every hiring decision has the ability to make, or break a business, and help realise your goals and objectives.  As we enter a long awaited period of growth, with more companies hiring more frequently, global talent shortages will challenge even the largest and usually successful recruiting teams.  The associated costs of hiring and retaining, talented, skilled professionals, is a fundamental challenge to every business, with an incorrect hire, or, unfilled position costing your business both opportunity and profitability.

So what might be stopping you from recruiting great talent?

  • An over reliance on technology:

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