Why would you stay in a job you hate?

Anthony Haynes writes: Our attention was caught recently by a thought-provoking post by Sarah Butcher (11 June 2013) on why one might choose to remain in a job one dislikes. The post is published on eFinancialCareers but applies to many other kinds of careers too.

The title of Butcher’s post is ‘Eight excellent reasons to hang on to a job you hate‘. I’m wondering whether it should really be called ‘Seven excellent reasons and one more debatable one’ — the debatable one, to my mind, being the idea that you should stick in a job because you have a good relationship with your boss.

Butcher’s quotes Linda Jackson on the subject: ‘If you and your boss have an affinity, it could be the foundation for something less horrible and more exciting’.

This might be true — though equally it might result in a loss of momentum in career development: a good relationship can prove seductive in the sense of distracting from the wider picture.

I have no qualms about the other that Butcher outline sin her post, and particularly like the point about learning (according to Blaire Palmer as quoted by Butcher: “Maybe you’re unhappy because you’re learning too much?…Learning can be a painful experience’).

If any readers have any additional reasons to volunteer, do please let us know…

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