Getting Stood Up — It’s Not Just A Dating Nightmare — It’s Now A Part of the Career Search Experience. Where Have the Good Manners Gone?

Anthony Haynes writes: We’re pleased to reblog this thoughtful post from The Sassy Entrepreneur. We like the way the post sees things from both the recruiter’s point of view and the candidate’s. And we wholeheartedly endorse the conclusion.

The Sassy Entrepreneur

I had a colleague call me the other day, after weeks of exhausting interviews, with exciting news that he had landed a great job, but not without a series of painful interviewing experiences. He had about ten interviews scheduled with various companies, with 4 out of the 10 interviewers not showing up — AT ALL. No explanation or apologies offered. There were a few meager attempts to reschedule, but he shrewdly decided they weren’t the right companies for him.

After all, if this how they treat candidates early on, can you imagine what a nightmare it must be to work there? And he’s not the only one in my network who has gone through this. I have to wonder — is this the best job seekers can hope for or come to expect in their quest for their next career move? If a representative from my company didn’t honor their…

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