The case for creating a talent community

In this, our final post of our (unilaterally declared) International Women’s Month, we reblog a post from Kathie Sandlin (Strategic Account Director, NAS).

The heart of this post, we think, lies here: “Talent communities allow candidates to express interest in your organization and receive information—and nurturing—on their own terms. Think about your favorite brands. You probably hear from them on a regular basis, whether it’s via email or text or social media. It’s how they stay top of mind with consumers like you. Sometime during your interaction with that brand, you’ve told them what you want to know about, the channel through which you want to receive information, and even the frequency with which you’d like that information delivered. Job seekers expect the same level of thoughtful attention from your employment brand”.

Though the post refers to one specific tool (Talent Communities), the advice it provides can surely be applied to the use of social media tools — LinkedIn, for example — generally. Our thanks to Ms Sandlin for a thought-provoking post.

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