Who is Dilly Clack? A look behind the scenes of talent acquisition

Anthony Haynes writes: Throughout April we are publishing a series of posts  by or about women in our areas of focus – talent acquisition, talent management, and human capital. Here we publish an interview with Dilly Clack of FJWilson.

Dilly 001Q. What’s your role at FJWilson?

Dilly: Candidate Manager.

Q. And what does that work involve?

Dilly: Once a candidate is selected for interview, a typical week would include checking the interview structure, requesting a presentation topic where necessary, and if there is to be psychometric testing, checking the procedure.

I check interview times for the role with the client, book candidates into interview slots – this can be a little difficult when dealing with multiple candidates and also very senior candidates — their diaries tend to be more difficult to move around.

Once the timings are confirmed with both the candidate and client, interview invitations are sent to the candidate, giving times, dates and all other vital information.   We communicate with candidates’ right up until the day of the interview, also sending good luck cards and texts.  Candidates are assured that we know this is a very stressful process and I let them know they are able to contact me at any time if they need help

Q. What’s the attraction of working in talent acquisition? What makes the work satisfying?

Dilly: Making sure that the right candidate is matched to the role and making sure that the candidate has the best possible experience of the whole interview process and of moving jobs.

Q. What’s your background?

Dilly: My career has always involved relationship and client management, dealing with both internal and external customers.  Prior to working with FJWilson I had experience of working for SMEs and blue-chip organisations like Merrill Lynch.

Q. What advice  would you give candidates?

Dilly: Arrive on time; be courteous; do your research on the company

My best single piece of advice? Listen carefully to the interview questions and answer them — don’t ramble!

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