The workforce in the games industry: where are the women?

Anthony Haynes writes: Our attention was caught — thanks to @kevingreenrec on Twitter – to an article by Gina Jackson, CEO of Women in Games Jobs. According to Ms Jackson, half of all gamers are female, yet women make up only 6% of the games industry’s workforce.

In the article, Jackson considers the range of reasons, pointing for example to the lack of training and career development. She also considers recruitment practices. It appears that only 22% of the workforce obtained their jobs by responding to advertisements. Jackson suggests that more advertising of jobs would lead to more female recruitment.

The argument calls for change — on the basis not only of equal opportunities, but also good commercial sense:

“A workforce more reflective of our audience will enable games to be developed in different ways and have different input based on diverse experiences. This doesn’t mean women can only make games for women and men for men of course, but should enable us to create new games, have new ideas and make an industry that is stronger and more resilient”.

The article, published on Pocketgamer, is available here.

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