The stories of HR leaders

Anthony Haynes writes: We continue our series of posts for International Women’s MONTH by focusing on a recent (4 April) report from the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) concerning female HR leaders.

The report, authored by Pamela Babcock, focuses on a panel at last month’s 2013 Catalyst Awards Conference. On the panel, a number of executives provided insights from their own career development and offered advice to aspiring leaders.

The insights are wide-ranging: they cover such areas as career history, mentoring, and work-life balance.

We were particularly struck by the insight given by Abbe Luersman (Unilever) into her family life. As reported by Babcock:

“The family has its own “life-cycle map” (similar to what organizations use), on which each family member plots what’s important to him or her over the next 10 years. It’s a long sheet of paper, complete with crayons and colored markers, taped to the wall of their home’s third-floor hallway”.

The report is available here.

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