More, different, and better?

Anthony Haynes writes: Continuing our unilaterally declared theme of International Women’s Month, today we focus on an argument from Janine Eldred of the National Institute of Adult Continuing Education (NIACE).

In the lead-up to International Women’s Sat, NIACE’s informal blog, More different, and equal, posted a series of stories. In her post on March 25th, Eldred reflected on the main messages from the NIACE series.

Her main finding? According to Eldred, the issue that emerges most strongly is:

“the role of men in the gender divide. Education, training and empowering women seems to be only one part of the story. The barriers they face from the power of men at work, in politics, in bringing up children and in violent behaviour will continue if men are not also involved in education to raise awareness of their attitudes, behaviours and values”.

You can read how Eldred develops the argument here.

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