New workplace economics research

Anthony Haynes writes: This blog is much concerned with such central questions to talent management as, “How do maximise job satisfaction?”, “How can you retain your best staff?”, and “What can you do to make staff more productive?”

Answers to those questions can sometimes be complex and sophisticated. But some are, at least in essence, surprisingly straightforward — for example, providing furniture and equipment suited to employee’s bodies.

Which is why we find ergonomics research interesting. Knoll has just published a brief report on ergonomics research, sub-titled “Emerging risks and solutions”. The key points are arresting. In summary:

1. “Office planners should assume that many Generation Y office workers are entering the workforce with existing injuries”;

2. “Larger, multiple displays in the primary workspace increase risk of injury”;

3. “Workspaces must encourage a wide range of work postures through furniture, training and reminders”;

4. “Casual lounge furniture allows workers to naturally assume healthy work postures”.

The report, which is lucidly written and helpfully illustrated, is available here.


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