Work programme evaluation

Anthony Haynes writes: The Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion has published the second evaluation report for the UK’s Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) on the Work programme.

The report details many weaknesses. For example, one key finding was that:

“Many providers found the heavily outcome-based funding regime challenging, with many reporting difficulties bearing the up-front costs of provision. These issues may be transitional and may reduce as referrals and outcomes flow through. However, the difficult economic climate is also likely to continue to be an important factor, affecting providers’ ability to obtain job outcome payments and to access alternative sources of finance such as bank loans or investment”.

However, our attention was drawn by the following , perhaps surprising, finding:

“In spite of reporting financial difficulties, both primes and subcontractors expressed intentions to remain involved with the Work Programme and with DWP-contracted provision more generally. Many even appear keen to expand their involvement in this area”.

The report is downloadable from the Centre’s website here.

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