Supporting guest bloggers

Anthony Haynes writes: Last week (18 March) we were delighted to host our first guest blogger on FJWilson Talent our thanks to Erin Osterhaus for contributing ‘What can recruiters learn from marketers?‘.

And we’re pleased to have many more guest posts in the pipeline. We have designed this site as a place where stakeholders in talent acquisition, talent management, and human capital — employers, candidates, and recruiters — can exchange ideas and information. If you have an idea for a guest post, do please get in touch.

But we know that it’s easy for us to invite guest posts – and not so easy, if you’re a guest blogger-in-waiting, to get the thing written! so on our Guest posts page we’re providing links to resources designed to help generate ideas, content, and text.

We hope that, whether you’re considering writing for us or for another blog, you find them helpful. And, of course, we welcome suggestions for further resources to link to.

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