We’re reblogging this post, written by Wendy Kusumowidagdo on Outward Bound Indonesia, because it’s interesting in its own right — but also because it forms a contrast with our other reblogged post today (“Why certain employees are replaceable”).

We thought, for our first foray into reblogging, we’d select blog posts that between them set up the kind of debate we wish to explore on FJWilson Talent. The writers we reblog here disagree on the central question of whether everyone is replaceable. We’d welcome our readers’ views too…


obinst4I was asked by a business publication recently to write about employment, the challenges of recruitment and talent retention. It’s not the easiest topic to write about, granted it’s a multi-faceted issue and there isn’t one single fail-proof solution good for all problems. Therefore I decided it’s best to write about my own experience and share some of our best practices at Outward Bound Indonesia.

The bread and butter of our Organization is our Trainers. Being an Outward Bound instructor is essentially a vocation or calling. To be an Outward Bound facilitator, it’s not enough that one knows all the Leadership laws and theories. It’s not enough that she has the proclivity for teaching. It’s not enough that she loves the outdoors. To be a great Outward Bound instructor, it’s the synergy of those things … and more! Like any true coach, one must be passionate about helping others grow…

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