Is everyone replaceable?

Anthony Haynes writes: Is everyone replaceable? This post, written by an anonymous author on a blog called Innovative Thought Leadership and reblogged by us, raises a good question. We’re not certain of the answer however. The notion of the key employee providing ‘glue’ is interesting: but is a company’s reliance on such a phenomenon simply a sign of poor continuity planning on the part of the employer?

Innovative Thought Leadership

I hear more and more from senior executives that one of the biggest challenges they face is finding and keeping the right talent. Yet businesses seem to continue to convince themselves that everyone is replaceable. In addition you will find blogs, articles, tweets, conference presentations that promote this hypothesis.  In today’s world human capital management is increasingly becoming a lost art. Companies that fail to buy into the view that employee turnover is acceptable and they can replace anyone are actually creating competitive advantage in an increasingly dynamic economy.

In the hopes of starting a lively discussion, I offer what I view as the Top 4 Reasons why certain employees are irreplaceable in today’s world:

  1. An employee is a person and not a piece of capital equipment with product features.  You may think you understand the value a key employee offers to your company, the impact they have on your…

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