One story that research tells us about working in an office

Anthony Haynes writes: This, the third post in this week’s mini-series on research concerning work, focuses on the workplace itself. It draws on an article from the British Psychological Society’s Occupational Digest — a source that consistently presents relevant research in a concise, accessible, manner.

The article considers how evolutionary psychology can be applied to workplace design to improve productivity and job satisfaction. It provides suggestions in the following ways:

  • providing plants, the presence of which helps to reduce stress and improve air quality;
  • encouraging non-sedentary work, for example by providing stand-up desks;
  • enabling restorative naps.

The article is here. The source of the research isĀ Fitzgerald CJ, & Danner KM (2012) ‘Evolution in the office: how evolutionary psychology can increase employee health, happiness, and productivity’ in Evolutionary psychology: an international journal of evolutionary approaches to psychology and behavior, 10 (5), 770-81.

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