The story research tells about youth employment

Anthony Haynes writes: In International lessons (January, 2013) The Work Foundation has investigated the story behind youth unemployment in the UK and internationally.

Drawing on case studies from Australia, Denmark, Germany, and Holland, the Work Foundation concludes that:

  • a strong dual apprenticeship system can facilitate transitions between school and work;
  • intervening early with Active Labour Market Policy can reduce the duration of unemployment;
  • the availability of part-time flexible employment opportunities supports high levels of youth employment.

The report’s policy recommendations for the UK include the following:

  • increase employer engagement in the design and delivery of apprenticeship frameworks and training;
  • review the current balance between academic content and on the job training for all apprenticeship frameworks;
  • increase opportunities for private sector on the job training for young unemployed people;
  • ensure that all employers offering work experience adhere to the CIPD guidance for work experience placements.

The report is published here.

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