The story research tells us about barriers to employment

Anthony Haynes writes: A persistent problem in the UK is the number of ‘NEETs’ — that is, people not in employment, education, or training.

The good news is that research co-ordinated by The National Institute of Adult Continuing Education (NIACE) has found that many NEETs have aspirations to progress in life through learning.  The bad news is that the research identified a number of barriers preventing them from doing so.

The research paper is available here.

An article published by NIACE quotes Dr Fiona Aldridge, its Head of Learning for Work, on the implications of this research, as follows:

“Firstly, good quality, independent information, advice and guidance (IAG) is essential to help challenge their perceptions of what learning is and how it will benefit their lives. Secondly they need to see how learning will be different now to when they were at school… And thirdly, although breaking down these barriers is not easy for providers, we believe this research should help them understand how they can tap into, and meet the needs of, this often complex and challenging group of young people. We need more ideas like Traineeships”.

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