Welcome to FJWilson Talent

Anthony Haynes writes: Talent acquisition is a core business process — one that employers and employees alike will wish to understand as fully as possible. This blog aims to deepen that understanding by sharing experiences — especially our own, our clients, and our candidates.

The world of talent acquisition isn’t just important: it’s also richly engaging — as are allied processes such as talent management and human capital development. These things should never be boring! We hope you’ll find FJWilson Talent entertaining, as well as informative.

Which is why we’ll focus on stories. Talent acquisition isn’t short on stories: they’re what makes those of us involved in the process tick. The blog will take you behind the scenes, bringing you the stories of clients, our candidates, and our staff.

We’d also like to curate our readers’ stories. so we’ll be linking to good content online and inviting guest posts. If you’re in tune with the above and have a good story to tell, please let me know.

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