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Fiona Wilson (Managing Director and Headhunter, FJWilson Talent Services) writes: Our clients are organisations for professionals. They include membership organisations, awarding bodies, and learning providers.

Clients use our solutions to help them recruit fresh talent and also to make the best use of the talent they already have, specifically in senior and mid-level roles.

Illustrations of how we add value for our clients are available in the form of case studies.

Meeting us

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Our MD: Fiona Wilson

Clients may meet us either at their offices, over Zoom (or alternative video platform) or at a local branch of the Institute of Directors (IoD) or Regus. IoD and Regus locations are accessible for wheelchair users (though please notify us in advance if you have any special requirements).

Candidates typically meet us over Zoom, Skype, Facetime or Google hangouts. This enables us to provide a highly flexible service outside the traditional working day and  week. We’re also happy to meet candidates in person, at an accessible location to suit any special requirements.

Our team

Portraits of our team members, comprising employees and long-term associates, are provided in PDF here.

11 July 19 team away tiny
Left to right: Dilly Clack; Lina Beynar; Sherah Beckley (facilitator); Anth Mckeown; Anthony Haynes; Hannah Olsen (plus Fiona Wilson’s head!)

The functions they fulfil are as follows:

  • Administration: Hannah Olsen
  • Business development: Anth Mckeown
  • Candidate researching and sourcing: Lina Beynar; Phil Wolfenden
  • Coaching and leadership development: Denise Taylor
  • Communications: Anthony Haynes; Karen Haynes
  • Interviewing and screening candidates: Amanda Bishop; Gill Wilson
  • Management: Dilly Clack
  • Service delivery and sourcing candidates: Heidi Frost
  • Strategy and account management: Fiona Wilson

To contact members of the team by email, please use firstname at fjwilson dot com.


Our Blog

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